I’m a storyteller,

Fritz Nordengren

Using my team or your own,  let’s tell your story.

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My Story

The soul of every brand, every video, every live stream event is the story. And that's what I help professionals tell.

My name is Fritz Nordengren and I am an award-winning producer, digital strategist, and multimedia storyteller. I guide corporate and freelance digital media teams as they balance their strategic process and creative execution of brand-focused storytelling. 

Along the way, the projects I created for clients have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, and received awards and recognition from USA Today and the National Press Photographers Association. A project created for Iowa State University was named the 2020 American Marketing Association Best Video. 

Clients collaborate with me for short-term projects and longer contract roles.

Who are my clients?

Higher education40%


2014 - 2021
Digital Content Strategist
  • 2020 American Marketing Association Best in Category Video award for YouTube preroll campaign.
  • Digital content strategist for rebranding of first named college at Big 12 University.
  • Video producer and print publisher for private high school students in the arts.
2004 - 2014
Educational Technology Strategist
Instructional Designer / Online Curriculum creator
  • Graduate curriculum lead and instructional designer for private medical school.
  • Short subject videos and CMS design and management.
  • Concentrated subject matter in emergency medical services and public health.
1995 - 2004
Multimedia Producer
Interactive media and internet pioneer
  • Producer/Director/Videographer humanitarian video and web-based projects in 14 countries.
  • Producer/Publisher of award winning web documentary “Behind the Viewfinder”.
  • Special citation: National Press Photographers Association.
  • Twice named “Top 100 Producers” AV Video/Multimedia Producer Magazine.