40 Days 9/40. India.

This image asks more questions than it answers. This is a tent city near Delhi in 1998. I was moved very quickly through this community by my escort / handler due to a scheduling challenge. But as I look back over the dozen or so frames, almost everyone was camera aware and smiling. Some days there are more stories than time.

40 Days 8/40 Armenia.

I’ve spent a lot of time in operating rooms and hospital hallways. The challenge in surgery is that within the sterile field, the subjects are covered with caps, masks, gloves and gowns. So patience and knowing your subjects helps find emotion and mood

40 Days 5/40 Ecuador

A surgical charge nurse gives instructions for the days surgery schedule.

This frame was made in the prep area of a surgical suite built in the back of a cube truck.

The mobile operating room traveled to rural Ecuador where surgeons perform outpatient, low-risk surgeries. The patients avoided a multi day walk to the hospital and had a shorter and better recovery.

40 Days 4/40 Viet Nam

Growing up in the Viet Nam war era, places like Da Nang, Hue, Saigon, and Ha Noi were mentioned on the nightly news as often as local cities in the states.
When I had the chance to work along side a humanitarian group in 1996, I took the opportunity to document their efforts building a school building, but also to explore the country. It was my first of two trips, the second was 2000.

Viet Nam had only been open to US tourists for about 3 years at that time. During that first trip, I started in Ho Chi Minh City, traveled deep into the Mekong Delta, then north, through the cities and towns I mentioned above.
I’ve always like this frame and the captured the lifestyle changes Viet Nam was living in those days.

40 Days 3/40 Armenia

A mother comforts her child after reconstructive surgery in Yerevan, Armenia. As I recall, the child’s ear was deformed, and surgeons sculpted a replacement ear cartilage from rib cartilage.

40 Days 2/40 India

Something about the depth in this frame calls me back. There is so much going on, yet the composition is fairly simple. Late afternoon light, north of Delhi. November 1998.

40 Days 1/40 Guatemala

40 days. 1/40. Guatemala. For Lent this year, I’m doing a retrospective of some of my documentary work. I’ll share some picks and some culls from the last 21 years or so. Ultimately I’ll publish another book in the 36 Exposures series. This frame taken on slide film in 1999 is a missionary medical worker, reading her bible at the end of a day on an open verandah in Guatemala.