40 Days. 18/40. Ho Chi Minh City.

Street traffic at dusk. There is a lot wrong with this frame, but it still works for me. Shot from the back seat of a hired car, through the spotted windshield. This frame was 1996. By my second trip in 2000, there were many more cars.

Days 17/40. Guatemala.

As a truck carrying medical volunteers and their gear arrives in a small village, a group of school children watch from a hilltop. The volunteers will be living in the school at the top of the hill during their clinics and teaching in the villiage.

Days 16/40. India.

On a video shoot at the Taj Mahal, I was blocked from entrance because of my full size video camera and tripod. So instead, we found a boat and crossed the Yamuna river and shot from the opposite bank. It also gave me this opportunity.

40 Days 14/40. Armenia.

Surgery is challenging both technically and ethically. It’s easy to over expose in both areas. Most surgical missions have surgeries that begin in the early morning and cases continue until late afternoon or early evening. The surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, and support teams work, take short breaks, eat quick meals, and return to surgery