My Story

My name is Fritz Nordengren and I am an award winning producer, publisher and documentary storyteller.

As a producer and photojournalist, I’ve documented humanitarian medical relief efforts around the world and have traveled and photographed 21 countries. I’ve been very fortunate to work with two Nobel Peace Prize nominees (Friendship Force and Mines Advisory Group – MAG) and some of the most passionate organizations around the globe.

My work has received awards and recognition from USA Today, the National Press Photographers Association, and was twice named one of the Top 100 Producers in the United States.  When I am not on location, you can find me in my commercial photography studio: Maine Street Studio, Des Moines’ Natural Light Loft rental studio where I publish magazines and my personal projects. My Amazon best selling books includes two novels and a memoir of my 500 mile walking pilgrimage across Spain.

My small farm is near Winterset, Iowa.


My Work

The Studio

When I’m not on location assignment, my creative home is in the commercial photo studio I own and rent to other professional photographers.

Maine Street Studio –  on the corner of Maine Street and Indiana Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa.

Central Iowa’s premiere urban loft photography studio setting, with high ceilings, original wood floors and north facing floor-to-ceiling windows.  The studio gives the perfect light any time of day.  We have 3200 square feet and widely spaced structural beams give your images an urban feel.  Or mix it up and take advantage of the wide clear span for a sense of openness. The retro wood and brick stairwell can add a unique setting for portraits and if you have big props, the freight elevator is just steps away.