I want to capture your wedding.

I want to capture your wedding with the power of emotion and relationships, and to let your day be your day.

Documentary Wedding Photography

I am a storyteller.

I create photo stories and heirloom photo albums of weddings in Iowa and beyond.

I want to capture your wedding with the power of emotion and relationships, and to let your day be your day.  The best way to do this is by watching for those amazing moments …  the touch of a hand, a tear, a gaze, a smile… those are the moments you will cherish.

As a wedding photographer I create images candidly, without the use of special effects, black suited assistants, or awkward light kits.  My hope is that you don’t even notice I am there.  Some people call this style of photography documentary wedding photography, some people call it reportage photography, others call it wedding photojournalism.

Shooting in a documentary fashion means I’m watching and observing, ready to catch those moments as they happen. It also means I won’t be stealing you away from your guests to drive to far away locations — that’s what engagements sessions are for.

And yes, I do those, too.

I won’t tell you how to cut your cake, and I won’t interrupt a moment to move you to better light.  This is your day, enjoy it.  I’ll quietly do my best to capture it so you have beautiful photos to remember it every day after.

If your “wedding nightmare” is posed “reality”, my authentic and unscripted style may be just what you are looking for. After all, real love deserves real images.

And when it’s all over, within a month or so, what you receive is somewhere between 250 and 400 finished digital images, and a custom, handmade heirloom photo album with approximately 30 to 40 of the best images, as picked by you.  Parents’ albums are also available as are beautiful wall portraits.

Pricing is flexible and affordable.

The fee is $2,495 includes hand made heirloom album and digital photos from your day.  Additional wall prints, additional albums, and engagement sessions are priced separately.

Want to know more?  Read some common questions and answers and then let’s talk.


Email: fritz@nordengren.us

phone, text: 515 554 8522

Frequently Asked Questions

We are so fortunate to have a collection of amazing and artistic professional wedding photographers in our area and I want to thank you for  considering me to capture your day.

I’ve tried to begin our conversation with some common questions, and don’t worry, if you have a question I haven’t covered here, let’s get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer any question you have.  I want to be helpful and transparent so you have all the information you need to pick the best photographer for your day

How do we meet with you before we choose our wedding photographer?

I actively encourage us to chat before you book, so that you can get to know me a little and feel confident that you’re making the right choice for your wedding photographer.  We can meet in person or via on line chat like Skype.

Do you photograph our wedding in black and white or color?

Both.  I photography all weddings in a RAW format, which means that I can individually review and edit each image after the wedding to create the best image style without any compromise in quality. There’s never a moment of regret of wishing it was captured one way or the other. As a first step, I tend to use black and white to highlight images filled with emotion, and color to capture images that are filled with and driven by the color of the environment.

What is your style of photography  Do you shoot formals?

I’m primarily a documentary wedding photographer.  Some people call this wedding photojournalism, which means I photograph your wedding day as it unfolds with a candid and unscripted style.

Of course, many weddings and families request some formal group shots  and I plan with my clients to keep these to a short list for the comfort and fun of your guests. The documentary wedding photography I take throughout the  day provides many images of your guests and family and takes away the necessity for a long, boring, falsely-posed formals session.

We will probably step away for one or two of brief  sessions of couples’ photography (one in the afternoon, one in the evening) This  keeps things short and sweet for you and your guests, as well as giving you the benefit of a variety of different looks to your portrait shots.  We can do more elaborate location and portrait photos as part of your engagement session if you like.

How many hours will you photograph at our wedding?

As a guide, my day covers everything from bridal prep to about an hour after the first dance.  We can set a specific time length when we plan your day.

What preparation do you do for our wedding?

I actively encourage you to keep in touch during your wedding planning period, to ask any questions you may have. I ask for your help by providing me a wedding day contact (often the best man or other close family friend) who can help me identify wedding guests and family.

It all sounds wonderful, when it’s all over, how do we receive our images?

Within a few weeks I’ll share a fully edited and finished, screen resolution set of all your images on a permanent, password protected web gallery, which remains online permanently for you and your guests to enjoy.

Every package includes an heirloom, hand crafted album.  You’ll receive an on line preview of the albums based on my ideas for the best photos, and you are free to make changes or add or remove any of the images.  The finished, hand made heirloom album and your USB of high resolution, unwatermarked images from your wedding day for you to keep will arrive about 30 days after we have set the final design.

Can I make my own prints from the digital images?

Absolutely – every wedding collection includes a USB with all your high resolution digital images, with which you also receive a print license which enables you to print and share your images in their original format for as long as you wish. All images on USBs are presented in full print resolution and unwatermarked for this purpose. Of course, if you wish to buy prints from me, this service is automatically available to you and your guests via your web gallery, using the finest professional print labs.

Can we keep our images and gallery private?

The decision to share or not share images from your wedding day is entirely yours, after all this is your day. While many couples are eager to share, I understand that some couples prefer discretion.  Once I make the online images available to you, you control how and where they are shared.  I don’t share albums, collections, or galleries directly on social media — you are free to do so any way you like, but I feel that choice is yours to make, not mine to blatantly market my services

In most cases, I do ask for permission to use an image or two from your day so other couples can see my style.

Do you operate as a business and is your business insured?

I’m glad you asked and yes. I am fully insured for both public liability and public indemnity purposes, worldwide. I use the highest quality professional digital photographic equipment.  I also carry full backup sets and all my cameras shoot to two memory cards to avoid the risk of data loss.

How do we book you as our wedding photographer.

Want to know more?  Let’s talk.

Email: fritz@nordengren.us

phone, text: 515 554 8522


My Story

My name is Fritz Nordengren and I am an award winning photographer, producer, publisher and documentary storyteller.

My passion for editorial photography began when I shot my first paid assignment in high school.  It was a long time ago — a Meat Loaf concert.

As a photojournalist, I’ve documented charity medical relief efforts around the world and have traveled and photographed 21 countries. I’ve been very fortunate to work with two Nobel Peace Prize nominees (Friendship Force and Mines Advisory Group – MAG) and dozens of businesses.

My work has received awards and recognition from USA Today, the National Press Photographers Association, and was twice named one of the Top 100 Producers in the United States.  I currently publish three magazines and my personal projects include authoring two novels, a writing guide, a memoir of my 500 mile walking pilgrimage across Spain: The Camino de Santiago.

I own a commercial  portrait photography rental studio:  Maine Street Studio, Des Moines’ Natural Light Loft rental studio.

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